Susan Pardi, NP, Alaris Health at West Orange

Susan Pardi WO(West Orange, October 2013) Susan Pardi, NP, began her Alaris Health career in 2012 as part of its healthcare team.  Susan, a nurse practitioner with 30 years of experience as a lead cardiac nurse, is the new Director of Clinical Program Development.

In her new role, Susan will help patients to reduce their risk of potentially preventable re-hospitalizations and will partner with hospitals to lower length of stay rates by transitioning patients to an Alaris specialty care center.

Founded on a tradition of healthcare excellence, Alaris’ Member Health Centers are leading providers of short-term post hospital rehabilitation, long term and specialty care, with Member Health Centers throughout the state of New Jersey.

Susan has more than 30 years of experience as a cardiac nurse. From the cardiothoracic intensive care unit and the operating room to outpatient care for people with heart failure, her expertise extends across every phase of cardiac nursing. For 15 years, Susan was the lead nurse practitioner at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center’s Heart Failure Treatment and Transplant Program.

Susan was an integral member of the heart team, acting as a resource and educator to patients and family members.  She has earned respect as an expert in cardiology and promotes quality nursing care that is driven by the priorities of each patient’s needs.

Jennifer Puleo, Administrator, Alaris Health at Cedar Grove

Jennifer Puleo

Jen began her career as a Regional Dietitian in 1998, ensuring that all residents in her region received the adequate diet and nutrition they needed, as well as overseeing the kitchen / dining inspection process. In 2006, she requested to become an Administrator in Training (AIT), and was promoted to Assistant Administrator at Alaris Health at Cedar Grove.

After thorough training in all areas of the facility, including taking courses to become certified as an Administrator, Jen successfully completed all relevant exams and received her Administrator’s license in 2008. Her first official Administrator’s license was hung at Alaris Health at West Orange (St. Cloud Health Care Center) in 2008, a 120 bed facility in West Orange, NJ. In 2010, Jen was reassigned to Alaris Health at Cedar Grove, a 240 bed facility in Cedar Grove, where she currently resides to this day.

Yohandra Martin, Director of Admissions, Alaris Health at Castle Hill

Yohandra Martin
Yohandra began her career in 1992 as a part time receptionist, at Alaris Health at Castle Hill.  Realizing how much she enjoyed interacting with the residents, Yohandra took a more active role with  residents and was promoted to recreation assistant, providing activities and improving quality of life to  residents.

In 1994, after graduating, Yohandra was promoted to Business Office Manager, taking care of payroll and resident’s funds within the facility. Her excellent interpersonal skills lead to a role as trainer and mentor for new bookkeepers at other Alaris Member Health Centers. After four years, Yohandra was promoted to her current position of Director of Admissions, where she helps to seamlessly guide residents & families through the otherwise complicated admissions process. In addition, Yohandra currently trains other Admissions Directors at other Alaris Member Health Centers on the Medicare & Medicaid approvals process, as well the Admissions & Referrals process.

Yvonne Mitchell, RN, Alaris Health at Rochelle Park

Yvonne Mitchell, RN, began her Alaris career in 1992 at Alaris Health at Rochelle Park as a Housekeeping Aide.  Seeing the impact that she could have on the life of a resident, Yvonne started taking classes to first obtain a Nursing Assistant’s Certification, which she completed in 1994, then her LPN license in 1998 and became a staff nurse in the facility.  Still determined to further improve the level of care she could provide to her residents, Yvonne completed her RN license in 2005 and was promoted to the Charge Nurse/ Weekend Supervisor, then to the MDS Coordinator position and finally to her current position, Assistant Director of Nursing. Yvonne is currently pursuing her BSN at Rutgers University.

Jackie Baumrind, Administrator, Alaris Health at Belgrove

Jackie began her career in 2004 at Alaris Health at Rochelle Park, a 240 bed facility in Bergen County, as a Registered Dietitian. Seeing how capable Jackie was, Jackie was promoted to Regional Dietitian in 2007, where she was responsible for overseeing all of the Registered Dietitians and Foodservice Directors of 8 Alaris member facilities. After several years of successful management, Jackie was looking to expand her role and become an Administrator.  In 2009, she was promoted to Assistant Administrator, a role that covered 2 buildings, Alaris Health at The Chateau and Alaris Health at Rochelle Park, where she was able to train under 2 veteran Administrators.  After completing all relevant courses, training hours and passing the Administrator’s exam, Jackie received her Administrator’s license in 2010. Seeing Jackie’s value to Alaris and commitment, Jackie was promoted to Administrator of Alaris Health at Belgrove in 2010, where she resides today.